Pocket Link is a global software company expert in developing advanced solutions for managing the supply chain, from sales to proof of delivery.

With years of experience in the global market, Pocket Link offers advanced technology, including 4 leading software tools to connect the network between a company and its suppliers. you will gain complete control over your Supply Chain services – planning, execution, and monitoring.

Pocket Link was established in 2005 and grew up to be a successful leading company with more than 600 customers worldwide.

Our headquarter is based in Israel with independent operations in the USA and Latin America.

The company products are being market by several international VARs companies including NCR globally and WIZROM in Europe.

We proudly employ tens of employees around the world, who are all part of the Pocket Link family. Our founders are working in the company and are involved in projects and in daily tasks. We appreciate our customers and seek to maintain long term relationships with them.

Pocket Link software development philosophy is guided by the values ​​of simplicity and innovation. The company's products are known to be the most advanced in their field, with proven success in empowering Supply Chain systems across the globe. Pocket Link has 4 leading solutions, but this is just the foundation for a complete platform.

Each solution can be tailored to the customer's needs and goals. Our products are going through consistent upgrades and updates that continuously enhance the platform's capabilities.

The advanced tools give the decision makers in the organization real time visibility of their operations – LIVE – creating advantages and benefits that leads to higher execution rates and quick return on investment.

Pocketlink software solutions


ASKI SFA (Sales Force Automation)

ASKI SFA is an advanced organizational system for field sales planning, execution, and real-time control. It is focused on empowering decision-makers with the ability to respond quickly and from anywhere to the market demands, using online information from the field. ASKI SFA contain solutions in the universe of Pre-Sales, Truck Sales & Trade Marketing all in a unified enterprise app. You are welcome to promote your field sales force.

SELF ORDER (The Mobile application)

SELF ORDER is a cloud based, smart and friendly self-ordering app for grocery, retail, and food service establishments. With SELF ORDER, the retailer can order products from their personal mobile phone, at any time, simply and quickly. This is a new and direct channel to your customers, which adds to your Sales Reps. The platform includes an account management website for you and an ordering application for the use of your customers.


ASCOMY (Optimization system for routes and distribution drivers)

ASCOMY is a cloud-based route optimization platform for smart and efficient dispatch planning, driver’s management, and real-time delivery plan monitoring. ASCOMY makes it possible to plan distribution routes and track the deliveries in the fastest, most efficient, and economical method. As a cloud-based service, ASCOMY allows you to get started immediately, without pricy infrastructure, servers, complex implementation and even without a commitment plan. ASCOMY is focused on creating economic benefits, significant savings in operating costs, and savings in human work time. With ASCOMY the roads are in your hands and the optimization is at its peak.

D-POD (Detailed Proof of Delivery)

D-POD app is focused on DETAILED proof-of-delivery. D_POD is designed to handle complex delivery scenarios consisting of many line items and requiring as: quantity adjustments, scanning shipping labels, confirmation time stamps per case, traceability, temperature readouts, Lot\batch scanning, GS1 traceability, scheduled and unscheduled pickups and payment collection. With D-POD it is possible to confirm the delivery by signing and printing a receipt in the field. In addition, the system allows you to fully manage and reconcile inventory, collection and more. D-POD has full integration with the ASCOMY system for route planning and supervision dashboards.