When the roads are in your hands, optimization reaches its highest level

ASCOMY is an advanced system for distribution
management and route planning. With ASCOMY
all aspects of distribution are managed in one
system that provides you with two strategic

1. Optimal Route Planning using an intelligent
set of tools.
2. Full control of the distribution process in real
time using Real Time Distribution Dashboards.

Perfect Route Planning

ASCOMY Delivery Planner optimizes your distribution routes.
All delivery data and orders are imported to the system, while optimizing the route, eg, delivery locations, delivery requested dates, inventory, customer time slot restrictions, driving routes, trucks, drivers and more.

Ease of use has always been a major factor in developing ASCOMY.
The web interface is intuitive and user friendly.
The final result A well-planned route for each truck.

Real-time monitoring

ASCOMY dashboards provide intuitive user
friendly tools to monitor and supervise the
progress of deliveries as well as the ability to
respond in real-time.


Benefits for the distribution manager

  • Saving significant time/effort in creating the
    delivery plan.
  • Optimized distribution routes.
  • Simple and informative loading plan, effective
    and fast.
  • Monitoring progress of assignments in real-time.
  • Full control of distribution process from
    beginning to end.
  • Real-time driver performance display.

Benefits for the driver

  • Organized work plan.
  • Real time notifications.
  • Decreased driving time.
  • Effective driving instructions.

Benefits for the organization

  • Significant reduction in planning time and efforts.
  • Accuracy and increased customer service.
  • Reduction in delivery time.
  • Significant savings in operating costs ( decreased
    mileage, fuel costs).
  • Significant savings in driver working hours.

Fast and simple implementation

ASCOMY is designed to meet your
organizational needs. The system can be
interfaced to current enterprise systems in
a quick and simple process.
Rapid implementation is achieved thanks to
PocketLink’s experience and knowledge in
interfacing with various systems. PocketLink
has built-in adapters to many Accounting/
ERP packages.

ASCOMY is an advanced system for planning
your routes and deliveries, and which can be
used from any web browser.
ASCOMY can be deployed on PocketLink’s
cloud or Installed on a computer in your
local network.