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Upgrade your field sales force
With the newest sales and delivery management system

The days of replacing pen and paper with simple mobile applications
are far over. The ASKI SFA goals-oriented system is all about upgrading
the interaction between your Sales Reps and their customers, ultimately
increasing satisfaction, revenues and profitability.
Management will be able to respond quickly and meet market demands
using online information from the field. The system provides functionality
for Presale,Truck Sales, Trade Marketing & Merchandising, in one enterprise
system, with solutions for all functionaries and roles in the sales process.

Challenge the passion for sales

Your Sales rep will become effective, goals driven and competitive. ASKI SFA provides unique features and functionality, tracking sales vs. targets per day and visit, ranking the sales force achievements in real time.

ASKI SFA brings critical information into the hands of the rep at the point of sale. The system supports Sales Reps, Supervisors, Trade Marketing Reps and Merchandisers.

Real-time control

The ASKI LIVE tools provide intuitive Real-time visibility of your sales progress, goals achievements, Comparing sales performance with past period, manage visit schedules and key performance metrics.

ASKI LIVE is available to you from the offices or from the field.

Identify and take advantage of opportunities, before everyone else

ASKI SFA Management Console allows planning, management and control of field activities, sales, product category management, goal planning, market segmentation, promotional means and more.

The system provides advanced tools for creating, publishing, executing, and analyzing questionnaires, shelf surveys, customer surveys and more.

Quick implementation process

ASKI SFA can fully adapt to the needs of the organization and its industry.
The system can be integrated to any ERP or accounting systems.

The rapid implementation is achieved thanks to Pocket Link’s proven experience and extensive knowledge with over 500 implementations worldwide.
In Addition, Pocket link has a selection of Built-in integrations to generic ERP systems (SAP, Dynamics, Sage, Infor, QuickBooks etc.)

Step into a new approach to sales

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ASKI Benefits
By function in the organization

Sales and Marketing Manager

  • Increase your sales reps effectiveness through personal daily analysis
  • ASKI will breakdown abstract monthly goals into achievable daily goals
  • Increasing competitiveness and motivation among Sales force
  • Analysis of sales processes at any given moment
  • Gathering business information and analyzing it in a short time
  • Analysis and evaluation of Sales reps performance

Head of IT

  • Save time, money and resources
  • A solid and reliable implementation process
  • Easy deployment of new updates
  • Independent database that enables independent developments
  • Clean integration with the ERP system

Director of Finance

  • Real-time control of credits, limits and payment policies
  • Full cooperation with the sales force in the field
  • Review exceptional activities in real time
  • Quick return on investment


  • Get all the important data in real time
  • Connection to all sales operations in the organization at any given moment
  • Saving time and money resources
  • Improving profitability and bottom-line results