ASKI SFA (Sales Force Automation) is an advanced mobile system for field sales and POS management. The system allows for planning, monitoring, and managing sales reps in real time. It also grants decision makers the control to respond quickly from any location. As an analytical tool, it adjusts to market demands through the use of online information from the field.

ASKI SFA provides solutions: Presales, Direct-Store-Delivery & Van Sales are all covered in one comprehensive application offering solutions to every position involved in the sales process.


ASKI SFA Mobile is a goal-oriented sales system that displays the actual sales goal along with a daily plan for the next customer visit at any given moment. These step-by-step goals are the only way to ensure that sales reps achieve their monthly goals. ASKI SFA also provides a real-time ranking module to motivate sales reps while ranking their achievements against other reps within the organization.

ASKI SFA Mobile places all essential organizational information into the hands of sales reps, using advanced tools and technologies, while at the same time interacting with the customer in the field.

The system supports every sales function: sales reps, field sales managers, and supervisors.


ASKI LIVE indicators provide intuitive tools for tracking real-time progress of field sales to include: how sales reps meet their objective run-rates as compared with current and past sales records, customer visit planning, and other key performance measurements. Access to the indicator screen is possible through any browser as well as mobile devices in the field.


ASKI SFA Management Console allows for planning, management, and monitoring of field operations using tools for Point Of Sale to include: management, product category administration, goal planning, market segmentation, promotional measures administration, and more.

The system enables processes and market trend identification by displaying all data in the executive table. The system also provides advanced tools for creation, distribution, collection and analysis of questionnaires, shelf surveys, quality measurements, customer surveys and more.


  • Improve sales force performance by daily personal analysis based on sales metrics
  • Monitor goal run-rates per customer visit to insure progression of monthly goals
  • Increase sales team competitiveness by displaying comparative analysis and ranking
  • Maximize the sales reps ability to effectively offer a product portfolio
  • Set up promotional product groups, mandatory products and the ability to control the ordering workflow
  • Analyze sales processes and updated sales data at any time
  • Collect business information and analyze in real-time from the moment a customer survey, shelf survey, or check list is created


  • Saves time and money
  • Fast and simple implementation
  • Receives updates and new features released monthly
  • Independent database management that allows for a simple integration process
  • Easy to install, Intuitive to use


  • Receives crucial real-time data
  • Real-time connectivity to all sales operations within the organization


  • Real-time control of credit and collection policies for each customer
  • Works in full cooperation with the sales force in the field
  • Approval or rejection of irregular payments in real-time
  • Fast return on investment


ASKI SFA is fully customized in accordance with the needs of the organization. The system interfaces fully and smoothly with the organization’s existing systems. Fast implementation is achieved due to PocketLink’s rich experience and vast knowledge in interfacing with ERP systems. Because PocketLink has a variety of built-in connectors for popular ERP systems, ASKI SFA allows for fast production of reports for supervisors and management. It provides the organization with advanced software solutions as well as a complete and ongoing service package. Most important, it has a fast return on investment.